Finally Exposed: The 13 Families That Are Secretly Ruling The World

If Conspiracy theorists are to be believed, then the world is run by 13 Illuminati secret families who are continuously working on their plan for world domination and control. They are rumored to have mystical satanic connections, secret links to the gold trade, a dark mysterious agenda and a plan for a new world order.

Let us examine things to see if these carry any weight in their claims.

What is the Plan?

According to humansarefree, “The shadow forces behind the New World Order (NWO) are following a slow-paced agenda of total control over mankind and our planet’s resources.”  David Icke dubbed it the ‘Totalitarian Tip-Toe’ because slowly going step by step towards our definite enslavement.”

Because their steps are small and gradual, the masses remain unaware that their freedoms are being taken away, while the NWO octopus power is growing steadily.

Who are these forces?

At the top of this elitist pyramid, an organization known as the Council of the 13 families is behind all the major world events happening in the world.

As time is passing by, most of the people are now realizing that 99% of the global population is run by the 1% elite, whereas the Council of 13 is even less than 1% and their membership is not open to anyone.

About the Families

These elitist families believe that they are the direct descendants of the ancient gods and are given powers to rule over the world. These families are:

Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
Cavendish (Kennedy)
De Medici
Sinclair (St. Clair)
Warburg (del Banco)
Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

Every one of the above-mentioned institutions operates as individual states having their own laws, and hence no court can even prosecute them.

The Brainwashing

Do you have any idea how are they brainwashing us? How can they get to each one of us without us noticing?

Their biggest brainwash tool is the education system. Schools are totally different and teaching children to memorize without thinking and obey what they are told without questioning back.

The financial system has turned us into currency slaves with people daily going to work in the same non-motivational and depressing environments. We work from dusk till dawn and still don’t have enough money.

The big corporations pay millions to their CEOs and as close as possible to the minimum wage to the rest of the employees.

Our leaders have got corrupted by money and mankind’s collective mission on Earth has been hijacked by money which we don’t need actually.


With NOW’s growing power, we can either let go and accept the enslavement or we can crush their pyramid to the ground simply by uniting against them in great numbers.

There are brilliant minds discussing the concept of a resource-based economy for decades. There are others who are already discussing a system which will not require money and all individuals will be offered the best conditions to reach their highest potential.

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