10 People Who Cheated Death In The Most Badass Ways

Death is a truth so bitter. It will come when it has to and is completely unavoidable. However, there are people who are famous for fighting back the deadliest form of death on their faces. Let’s learn who they are.


A famous six feet seven inches tall arctic explorer, Peter had landed into deadly troubles a lot of times. Once, Peter had a face time with death when he was caught in a blizzard and was stuck under a very tight covering of snow and ice for thirty hours. He then fought back using a knife that he had fabricated using his frozen feces. He came out finally and defeated death.


Roy Benavidiz was attacked by an NVA infantry battalion and had bravely fought back. He was however taken to be dead as he had 37 puncture wounds, an exposed intestine, a broken jaw, and eyes caked in blood. As doctors were about to zip his body in a bag, this military guy spat blood on the face of the doctor. He courageously fought back death and was also recognized with a Distinguished Service Cross for his exceptional bravery along with four purple hearts.


A World War II pilot, Graham escaped death during a freaking accident. Leonard and one other pilot Menzies Sinclair were performing some sort of exercise, when both the pilots crashed mid-air. However, both managed to get the planes locked with each other and formed a sort of biplane. Leonard then used all his skills and patience and landed the plane safely and without dying.


Bear Grills of the World War 2 era, Lim was the Second Steward of a British armed merchant ship the SS Benlomond. His ship sunk by a U boat and he had excellently survived on an eight square foot raft for 133 days in the ocean. He drank the blood of the birds, did fishing, killed sharks with a jug of water and had their livers out to drink their blood to survive until some fishermen rescued him.


Dacor Sangermano was a craftsman from Turin who escaped death in a freaking manner. He was in a temple with his girlfriend when he was shot by a mysterious .22 caliber bullet. The bullet hit the right portion of his head, plowing through his eyeball which slowed it down. It came to rest in his nasal passage. However, while waiting for the doctors to arrive, Dacor had bravely sneezed out the bullet through his nostrils.


Ossip was a famous chess grandmaster who was arrested by the secret Bolshevik police in 1918 because he was a legal advisor to the banks and was sentenced to death. However, a miracle happened when a superior officer saw the prisoners list and he saw Ossip’s name there. He gave him a chance to prove his identity and claimed that he would be released if he defeated the officer in the game. He eventually won and was released.


Aishat, a 56-year-old grandmother from Novo Biryuzyak Village, was in a group of villagers herding sheep and cows when she heard a calf crying. She ran there are saw that a wolf had attacked it. The wolf the tried attacking her. She expressed her experience,”I was not even frightened. I stood like this, holding an ax like this. And the wolf, with an open mouth, suddenly jumped on me. Jumped like that. The wolf clawed at my leg and I wanted to hit him with the axe.” She then killed the wolf by hitting the axe on his head. She was then hospitalized.


Hugh Glass has been known as a famous American explorer born in 1783 in Pennsylvania. It is said that during one of his trips, he had disturbed a bear and its cubs. The bear attacked Hugh, bit him and lacerated his flesh. He,

however, courageously killed the beast with a knife and fixed his broken leg. Not only this, he allowed maggots to eat up his infected flesh to avoid gangrene. He had severe injuries but however with all his willpower crawled to the nearest settlement, that was 200 miles and got himself treated.


A Jewish Greek champion boxer, Salamo was taken to Auschwitz by the German forces and was forced to fight with the fellow prisoners for the entertainment of the Nazis and the one who would lose was shot. With the skills that he mastered, boxing, he fought and won 200 fights where only two matches were draw.


Joan is a bank executive and a passionate skydiver. During one of her jumps, her parachute fell mid air and she fell at the speed of 128 km/ hr and landed on a mound of fire ants. She was stung around 200 times and this released an urge for adrenaline that kept her heart beating until help arrived. She had 20 reconstructive surgeries and 17 blood transfusions. Despite her fall, Joan went for her 37th skydive in 2001.


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