14 Totally Relatable and Hilarious Comics About Women

In today’s time, girls are full of confidence and are ambitious. Their movements, clothing and talking style is different from that of a so-called”perceived” ideal woman till now. Everyone is bent on doing something new and girls together with boys understand their dynamism in changing their partners.
Below are some simple cartoons about everyday situations that every girl can relate to and also illustrate those all-too-familiar moments in life that make us laugh.

Taking Funny Selfies

Approximately, 99% of the girls today are gripped by a selfie fever and sharing on their social media page.

Promptness in Action

Dare to challenge any woman and we are sure that she will be ready to do anything. They have become too courageous now.

Beauty Conscious

If you see her without makeup then be prepared to see her without it as well. They do spend on all sorts of makeup kits to look beautiful.

Possessive about Face

They are very possessive to any face mask and would pamper themselves with different face wash and creams to keep their skin beautiful.

Winning Ability

Have you tried arguing with a woman and have won the debate? You might be a superhuman then because, in reality, you can’t win an argument with her.


A woman is fond of shopping and remains free always if you plan to take her out. Money is not a big deal but you can see half of your married life wasted in shopping.

Nail Paints

She loves to pamper herself with different shades of nail paints. These days they come in different prints as well.

After Workout

That’s one of the very funny comics which every girl would agree with. Taking selfies after a workout and flashing it on the Facebook page.


She is very conscious about the dressing style rather than the body itself.

Don’t Be Mistaken

In the end, if you try finding mistakes then you need to be very much sure of your words as you may have to say sorry.

One Step Ahead

Don’t you mess with her and show off because she is best in that.


You can’t match her sense of humor as they have their own definitions of doing things.

Body Care

“Body Exposed” is a thing which she always keeps in her mind and nothing else matters.

Important Fact

By now, you should be aware of this important thing that they are always opposite to you.

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