15 Solid Differences Between Single And Committed People

Single people feel jealous of committed people, and committed people are jealous of single people. We all know that there are many perks of being single than there are of being committed.

There are some humorous differences between single and committed people that you should definitely take a look at.

Money Issue

When you are single, you have enough money to enjoy your favorite drinks, parties, and go anywhere. Once committed, the cash needs to be saved for weekly dates, surprises, and gifts.

Your Squad

While you often go out with friends to the mall in order to eat, drink, and have fun when you were single, now you need to start spending more time with your partner.

Phone Calls

When single, you have very little to talk about but with your partner, you have a lot to say and explain.

Drinking Habits

Being single, you can expect to enjoy wild parties and enjoy bottles of beers but you need to be classy when you are committed.

Movie Seats

With your partner, you might opt for corner seats so as to feel intimate with him or her. But, you can pick any seat when you are single.

Adding Friends on Social Media

Add anyone on your social media for a causal connection when you are not in a relationship but you need to be selective later on.

Attention to Looks

Once you enter a relationship, you need to look clean and presentable to impress your partner which was not the case before.

Be Careful

Before, you tend to be careless as you were alone. But, now you have a partner with whom you need to spend a long life.

Someone to Love

When you have a partner, you can hold hands, hug, kiss, and make as much love as you want.


You would often use slangs with your friends when you were single but with your partner, you need to check your phone often and say sweet things.


When you are committed, you need to start sharing your feelings with your partner.

Definition of Action

Earlier, you would love to watch your favorite action movies. Once in a relationship, you might always be thinking of some action in bed with your partner.

Women’s Corner

With your partner, you love to shop and should be ready to step in the women’s section at her will. As a single person, you don’t have that obligation.

Changed Temperament

Guys often loose temper quickly but when a woman arrives in his life, she helps him control his temper.


When single, you can just plan for yourself and not care about what others think. But now you care about your partner’s decisions and plan for both.

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