13 Conspiracy Theories That Shocked The World

Everyone loves mysteries and life would be very dull with always known truths. If you can’t prove anything wrong then it is true that the stories adapted for children into urban legends and myths end up giving them a warm and comfortable refuge in our modern culture.

Read on to find some of the greatest conspiracy theories in history.

Global warming is a lie

The theory that global warming is fake is more prevalent and goes so far as to include politicians and celebrities worldwide. There are enough pieces of evidence available and considering global warming as fake is a good option for industries relying on fossil fuels.

Roswell was real

Roswell is like Mecca for the UFO believers. The Incident of 1947 and the way it is being handled by the US authorities has led to the recognition that aliens from another planet are visiting us.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana lost her life in a deadly car accident in 1997. While the driver was held responsible, some still see an evil smile on the Queen’s face.

The US Allowed Pearl Harbor

The extremely patriotic Americans went on to claim that the 1941 attack at the seaport of US military bases from a Japanese plane was allowed to happen by the US.

The Reptilians Rule The Earth

The idea of secret groups ruling the planet in secret is popular and this supports those who are dissatisfied with the system.

Elvis Presley is alive

The phrase is used in popular culture for rapid replacement of a monarch and might be used to describe the controversial death of Elvis.

HAARP can control the weather

It is easy to blame HAARP-in and the US government to control when something, like global warming, goes wrong in the world.

The death of John Kennedy

More than 75% Americans believe that a cover-up took place back in the 1960s when Kennedy was assassinated.


Chemtrails are an efficient way of releasing chemical and biological agents in the atmosphere influence the nearby population’s health in a negative way.

New World Order

All conspiracy theories conclude that whatever is happening outside of the public view must lead to a New World Order.

Jesus had children

The idea that Jesus Christ had children and that his successor can be traced today has the potential to destabilize one of the world powerful religion Christianity.

Vaccination Leads To Autism

The theory led to multiple deaths and deteriorated the confidence in modern Western medicine with media involvement in the debate doing more harm than good.

9/11 Was An Inside Job

The conspiracy theories indicate that controlled demolitions brought the Twin Towers down rather than the plane crashing into a skyscraper is enough to bring it down.

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