Insanely Stupid Engineering Fails

There are many engineers and engineering professions across the globe but some of them must have a very good reason for all the choices that have been made below. Sometimes it’s the fault of the engineer and at times it’s the builder being unable to read the plans.

Here are some of the hilarious examples of engineering fails.

Just drop into class

Getting late to class? Now you don’t need to worry as this class has an unimaginable door from where you can drop in easily.

Symmetry or wizardry?

Looks like the architect put those balconies just to maintain uniformity in his design but he forgot the most important thing, which is to make them functional.

Too many manholes

If these manholes are looking so crazy then the engineer inside me is wondering about how the pipes underground will look like. These are placed so close to each other.

A Close Fit

Why would somebody think of such a design which has no practical usage?

The best seats around

Well, we know the importance of space and we can utilize them to the possible extent. But, need to be sure that such designs are beneficial for the public.

Escalators to Nowhere

We thought we will be reaching early to the platform but didn’t know we will get hit that hard.

Photo Booth

The engineer who built this possibly didn’t know the purpose of the photo booth.

Stairs for Giants

Have you seen any giants walking around? If not, then looking at those stairs, I believe that’s wrong understanding of the design.

Out of Place Window

While there is nothing wrong in having that window there, I really want to know whether it’s for the Deluxe room or usable in form of emergency.

The electrical water outlet

That’s called an electrified death socket which might be the collaborative idea from an electrician and plumber who have no idea what they were trying out.

Unsafe Install

Men always love to be adventurous and that is the reason why women have longer lives than men.

Stairway to Wall

Do you know where are these stairs going to? Looks like a hidden door over there but you need a sledgehammer to open it.

Misplaced structural support

The engineer wanted to hold the structure and forgot that it’s coming in the middle of the pathway.

Let us know your thoughts on the same.

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