Shocking Rules Professional Cheerleaders Must Follow

Being a cheerleader for any team was one of the most sought-after positions in high school. We think that these bubbly girls, who went on to fulfill their dreams as cheerleaders, have glamorous lives but the truth is totally different.

These girls are living off meager wages, paying a ridiculous amount to keep their hair and bodies appear glamorous and are bound by appalling and laughable rules.

Read on to learn about some insane rules that cheerleaders need to follow


The rule says that you should always keep your pom-poms with you and can be fined for bringing wrong pom-poms to rehearsals.

Stay thin or sit in the locker room

Gaining five pounds or appearing too soft will either load to loss of pay and you have to spend gaming inside the locker room. This rule leads to living in unhealthy lifestyles as they can’t make proper eating decisions.

Don’t Get Assaulted

The rule suggests that you should remain away from parties hosted by a player, who later got suspended due to drug use, to avoid your photos appearing in local papers.

Avoid Spots

Skin care is important as any skin problem can make you meet your director and your cheerleader career can be at stake.

Tan, Tan, Tan Away

All fair-skinned cheerleaders must have a warm skin color for every game day which makes the cheerleading team look like clones of each other.

Proper Nails

The rulebook says to keep nail polish pads in your car for emergencies, but nail designs, flashy nail polish, and ungroomed nails are not acceptable.

Pearly Whites

Cheerleaders are expected to keep their teeth pearly white for which they need to shell out extra pennies on teeth whitening products.

WOW The Audience

Though they are paid meager wage, they are expected to keep high energy levels to WOW the audience, which can also include wearing jaw-dropping uniforms.


Cheerleaders are expected to keep their hair shiny and be their crowning glory.

No sporting underwear

No panties or thong panties are to be worn under practice clothes or uniform, rather wear pantyhose to
match skin tone.

Abs not Flabs

They are required to keep the ideal weight failing which they would lose out participating in the game and their wage.

No Slangs

There are specific language-related guidelines to ban cheerleaders from utilizing any slang phrases reminiscent of “like,” “dude” and “ain’t.”

Belly Button Reveals

For any cheerleader, there is a specific outfit for Tuesdays that confirmed off their stomach buttons else they can be fined.

Steer Clear of Men

The rule says that it is the responsibility of cheerleader to figure out if a player is married or not.

What are your thoughts on the above insane rules?

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