The Real Reason Why Public Toilet Seats Are U-Shaped

Ever wondered why all the public toilet seats are U shaped and not like the oval ones in our homes. Well! I think we have an answer to this. Read more to know what facts do we have in store for you.


The first reason provided for the toilet being U shaped is the because of the organization, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, has set the code for public toilets being U shaped. There is an exception to this rule: If the toilet has an automatic seat cover dispenser, the seat doesn’t need to be U shaped.


According to Lynne Simnick, senior director of code development for the association, the idea of the toilet seat being U shaped is more likely for the hygiene of the women so that a more cleaner environment can be created when they wipe their private parts. With a U-shaped design, your toilet paper is less likely to touch an unhygienic seat, making it safe for the ladies.


Not only the ladies, but also the men’s hygiene was kept in mind while deciding the code. A U shaped toilet seat avoids areas which can be splashed with urine and makes sure men’s genitals do not come in contact with the seat. No discrimination you see.


Well! Another reason presented is that the U shaped seats are much more cheaper as they require a fewer resources. So, a lot of money is saved as 10,000 seats are made everyday and around 20% plastic is saved in every seat and that is actually a lot of saving.


Another reason given is that if the public toilet seat is made as comfortable as the home toilet seat, people would again linger here too and create a problem for others too.


As the U shaped toilet seats are relatively much cheaper, no body would prefer buying it in a high rate in black market. However, if someone is of the thought to buy a second hand toilet seat, public toilet seats won’t be actually bothering them.

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