This Man Woke Up To A Strange Noise, Then He Saw This On His Porch

Who doesn’t love to capture some perfect shots that stay in the memory for the lifetime? It’s the dream of every photographer to make the best possible use of his camera.

Today, we are going to share with you some events that followed after a man woke up to strange noises in his porch.

One morning, Tim Newton, a photographer from Alaska, woke up at 7:30 am to some strange noises at his door. He had no idea what was happening and what he witnessed took him completely by surprise.

The Family

What Tim saw was a bunch of Lynx cubs running around on Newton’s porch as their mother was carefully watching over them. Meet the family here.

Called By Mother

Tim knew that he needs to grab his camera. At one point, the mother called to her children and surprisingly, they all lined up right outside in front of where he was standing.

Kids Playing Around

The seven kittens kept playing around on the deck and in the yard. They were running back and forth, pouncing on each other. This is just wonderful and they look cute.

Look at Them

While the adorable kittens were wrestling, rolling around and chasing each other, the mother kept a watchful eye on them.


Tim had seen such notorious Lynx only a handful of times. That was a nice experience for him in capturing them. Look at this notorious kitten hanging around.

In The Corner

Tim was astounded to see those Lynx making different moves at his place. This one seems to hide from his partner.


They again started playing all over his deck and for next few minutes, Tim could watch them chasing each other, rolling and wrestling.

Who Are You?

None of the lynxes noticed his presence except for this one who came near to the screen to investigate. That’s the terror on the kitten’s face, eyes wide open, and he just ran away from there.

A Close Watch

Here is the mother who kept a close watch on all of her kittens running around and playing in the backyard. Tim was impressed by how well she kept them under control.

Game Over

After some time the mother lynx decided that playtime was over and she rounded up her kittens and they marched back into the forest together.

Love Each Other

Tim was happy to see that they cared for each other and are always together.

Amazing Capture

That’s the perfect shot which Tim took from his camera when one of them was still.

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