Police find abandoned pony tied to a tree, take a closer look and understand why it refuses to turn around

The worst kinds of people are those who first use animals for their own good and then abandon them. The social media always lists stories about poor animals being abandoned after being harmed brutally. Read a story about a poor pony who was abandoned by its cruel master in a terrible way.


The Animal Rights Organizations Sanctuary in Spain received a call one evening from the local police. The police said that an abandoned pony was found in a terrible condition by a witness and that they needed their help for the poor pony’s rescue. A quick action and the pony got rescued.


The owner had a heart of stone as they had tied the pony by a rope near a tree. Its head was shoved into the bush to keep away the flies from entering its eyes. It had been there for quite some days and has gone through starvation, dehydration, standing out in the full sun and everything. It was mercilessly left there to die without any food and water. It feels horrible to know that people like these also share the same planet. People like these have a special place in hell.


The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, however, rescued the poor pony and decided to nourish it with all love and care. The organization realized a bit later, that the pony was almost completely blind to the mistreatment and had two broken backbones because of the harsh beating. He limped and had trouble walking. The pony has gone through a lot because of its terrible owners.


The pony is getting well there as all care and love is showered on him by the organization. The animal heroes said that he was already feeling better there and also now greets the guys who rescued him. “He’s munching away happily in our stables, probably thinking he’s gone to heaven,” EHCRC says. All we can do is first thank God that the pony is all good and is being loved by people and then lets hope that the owners never ever get to have another animal.


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