5 of the Earth’s Most Terrifying Places

We have people living in hills and valleys, some in towns with high-class buildings and some in slums. And then there are extraordinary people who live in the most dangerous areas that are officially excluded. Learn about them.


It was in 1986 that the town of Pripyat was affected by the dangerous waves of radioactivity in the Chernobyl disaster. The citizens were immediately told to evacuate the place. However, some people returned back to their place. Most of them were oldies and females who wanted to live there. The government tried a lot to send them back but they didn’t honor the government’s say and continued staying there. The government now does not interfere and the guys live there happily. It is even said that the guys who returned back are much happier than the ones who left. The latter ones are facing alcoholism, unemployment and what not. No invisible radioactive thing could stop them to dwell at their own place.



Another area is the Spokane, city of the Dead. It is a 7th-century necropolis located on a four-mile stretch of land right outside Cairo, Egypt. Cairo is expanding rapidly and its metro area is forcing many to shift in the city of the dead, Spokane. There are shops that have been set against the tombs. People have made illegal accommodation in the graveyards there. About a million people have shifted there and have sworn not to move until and unless provided by a new accommodation. Full of shops and cafes, the citizens live a normal life with a horrible sanitation though. People make use of Sarcophagi as desks and shelves, and hang their laundry from lines they set up between gravestones. The city is alive.



A normal human would definitely kill or shout at the sight of a venomous snake but in a village of India, known as Musharu, people actually live with a lot of snakes. The area is utterly infested with a large number of venomous snakes and the strange part is, both the snakes and the humans live in harmony here. It is very much normal for the people to see a snake in their house and even sometimes on their bed. Only the priests are allowed to touch the snakes. They are considered the incarnation of Devi Janakeshwari and it is said if a person is bitten by a snake, he or she can be cured by taking a dip in the local pond, some mud, and a little fasting. Okay! Well! Who is trying this out?


200 miles south of Tokyo lies Aogashima, a peaceful village which was disturbed by a double active volcano. In 1785, a volcano killed half the population of the village. Today, around 200 people reside here. They live happily in this dangerous place because of the natural hot bath, free cooking spots along various hiking trails where one can cook using the volcano heat. The rare Hingya salt is produced here by the locals and that the volcano is very much dormant and according to the scientists, it will take longer for it to erupt. The place is just connected by ferry and helicopter. Though a very beautiful place, the death will be hard to escape with the only facilities that are provided for transportation.



Displaced by brutal wars, people came up to Gulan Refugee Camp in Afghanistan in 2014. The camp is a little different one because it is a minefield. The place is actually the site where the last battle between Mujahideen and the Soviet Army in the late 1980’s was fought and the place is infested with anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. However, the area was late recognized and now over 24,000 people reside there. The people have moved to safer areas to make space for traffic. And speaking of heavily armored de-mining teams working on the area, the guys are used to it too. The area has a danger of foot explosions but till date, no one has died of it. The Halo Trust de-mining organization has removed nearly a thousand explosives till date.


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