Mercedes Unveils The Future Bus That Can Drive Around Autonomously

Human nature is such that they will upgrade itself with new technology. Let us think what will be the future of public transport. Mercedes Benz has got an answer to that by introducing Future Bus.

This self-driven city pilot bus will be the milestone achieved using camera, radar, connectivity system by Mercedes.

Inception of the Idea

The Future bus is inspired from the Citaro bus model by Mercedes which was the 12 meters in length. This bus uses Mercedes-Benz OM 936 which has 299 hp six-cylinder engine. This Future Bus is based on the technology used in the Mercedes made autonomous Actros truck.

Interior of the Bus

The bus is themed on the city parks and squares which is large and open space. The bus is divided into 3 parts based on the time travel of the passenger. The lights are beautifully arranged in the shape of leaf canopy.

2 pairs of double doors are in the center of the bus, with red and green indicator light. The cockpit has a very simple design which does not have a separate compartment.

Features of the Future Bus

This automatic bus works at the speed of about 70km/h. The driver does not have to steer or brake the bus all he has to do is control the bus to manage the traffic. This makes the driving smoother and comfortable. The Future bus is able to identify the change in the traffic signal and it can also recognize sharp turns and intersections.

It can stop automatically when any pedestrian passes through. The doors also open on its own when the bus stops. The only drawback is it cannot accommodate more passengers.

The Technology

This CityPilot system uses ten cameras which scan the road and vicinity of the bus. The distance is detected by 4 radar sensors and 2 stereo cameras which identify the obstacle. The position of the bus is examined by 2 visual cameras and GPS.

The surface of the bus is determined by 2 downward cameras and 2 other cameras determine the bus movements and driver’s action. All these cameras integrate the information and form the final image which is called data fusion.

Its Pilot run

The Future bus has the pilot route between Amsterdam-Schiphol airport. This is 19 km long run which has separate ticketing systems and traffic lights. It only takes 30 mins to complete this route. The bus has to pass through sharp bends, traffic signals, tunnels and a lot of bus stops. Watch the video of the bus below.

Mercedes is always ahead of its time and ready introduce new technology to the world. So, let’s hope that this works for the betterment of human convenience.

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