Married or not you should read this

Marriage is a beautiful relation and it takes small gestures and little compromises to keep it alive. You got to read it to understand the value of the love and care our partner showers and how we take it for granted.


10 years post marriage, this man felt that he was in love with another woman, Joan and decided to divorce his wife. With all his guts, he decides that he’ll be talking to his wife about it at dinner. He grabs her hand at dinner and confesses that he wants a divorce and is already in love with Joan. Without being much upset, she asks ” Why? You’re not a man?” That night his wife had the worst nights crying and trying to figure out what had happened to the man of her life.


With a heavy heart and guilt, he wrote a divorce agreement according to which his wife would get the house, the car and 30% of the man’s business. He signed and gave the agreement to his wife who threw the paper away. She screamed. The next day, he returned home and saw his wife writing at the table. After some time, she handed over the paper to him according to which she wanted nothing but a one month’s notice before the divorce and the reason was that their son had his exams and that she didn’t want to bother his studies.


She also wanted to be carried to her room like the day she got married. She did not want her son to know about the bitterness between them. It was every day that he would carry her to the room in his arms. He started feeling the affection they always had. He realized that she was no longer younger and had lost a lot of weight. He was again in love with her and had changed his mind about the divorce. He headed towards Joan’s house and broke up with her telling he was in love with his wife. He took flowers and headed to start afresh with his lady.


As soon as he opened the door, he went straight to his wife and found that she had descended to heavens as she was battling cancer. He didn’t know this as he was busy with his girlfriend Joan. She wanted a month because she was afraid that her son would have bad memories of their broken marriage and would carry a bad image of his father. You know you got to value and keep the spirit of relationship and love alive. Small things help in keeping the marriage. So go and straightway tell your partner that how much you love her. Make love tonight and spend an evening talking about old memories. You might save your relationship.




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