Santiago Flight 513 Commercial Airliner Takes Off in Germany in 1954, Lands in Brazil in 1989

Time wraps cases has been a part of plenty of flights and pilots. Santiago flight 513 Commercial Airliner is too related to a case like that. With 88 passengers on board and 4 crew members, it disappeared in 1954 and then reappeared again in 1989. Continue reading to know more about the case.


The mysterious Santiago Flight 513 Commercial Airliner took off safely from Germany on  September 4th, 1954. It was then said that it had disappeared somewhere near the Atlantic Ocean and all the passengers and crew members were dead. People who had lost their loved ones mourned and the matter went off the air. The executives had no communication with the airplane’s crew after that and then came up a news after 35 years that paralyzed everyone’s mind.


Shock prevailed when the same flight landed safely allegedly in Porto Alegre Brazil on October 12, 1989. So, after 35 years this disappeared plane landed and that too with skeletons of all the 88 passengers seated and four crew members including the pilot Captain Miguel Victor Cury who was still apparently clutching the controls. So, well! That’s creepy and haunting. Adding to the story, the plane was still idling. So, with every new thing, the Santiago case became more and more creepy.


This story became a big headline. However, a good research was made to know how did it land safely and what exactly had happened to the plane. Dr. Celso Atello, a paranormal researcher, said that Santiago airline flight 513 had “almost certainly entered a time warp, there is no other explanation”. But, how did the pilot’s skeleton manage to land the plane safely? He had the controls clutched in his hands which is making the matter even more mysterious and creepy. Time warp or something more than that?


It is likely said that there is strong evidence of time wraps with Santiago airline but the government is hiding it so that the public does not get scared or panicked. Whatever it might be, we need a strong and better research for cases like these.

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