Male engineering student perfectly explains why females aren’t his equal

Even after a lot of feminism, we must admit that sexism exists a lot in this world. The same issue has been raised by an engineering student in a letter and this has gone viral. Read to know what he wrote.


Jared Mauldin, a 34-year-old guy from Missoula, Montana is a new Internet sensation after a letter written by him went viral over the Internet. This guy is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering at Eastern Washington University. His letter highlights how females in his class are unequal to the men his class.


Jared’s letter is based on basically how the females, especially the ones from the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) are treated in the class. How they need to work a little harder to prove themselves. His letter has been shared for like a million times since October 5. Being an autistic person, he suffers from Lupus and vascular necrosis in both his hips because of he works much harder than all his classmates so to compete them.


Jared begins his special letter as “To the women.. You and I are in fact unequal”. Jared also teaches tech from fourth to eighth grade. He speaks highly how females in his class are less acknowledged especially in calculus classes. He shared how one of his friend, who is very much great in mathematics, is not much acknowledged by her male classmates for intellectually discussions and projects.


A study of Harvard Business Review in 2015 says that sexism exists a lot in the STEM. According to the study, two-thirds of the 557 female scientists surveyed “reported having to prove themselves over and over again.” Maludin speaks so right.


Maludin has been praised a lot for his amazing letter to the editor of his University’s newsletter. He says all the attention and praise to the letter is all because he is a man speaking about feminism. If it would have been a woman, the letter would have been overlooked.
“Nothing I said was new, it has all been said a thousand times before. The difference is that I am a man,” he said. “Maybe by standing up and breaking the silence from the male side, I can help some more men begin to see the issues, and begin to listen to the women who have been speaking about this all along.”

Maludin is being praised by people all over the world. Well done, Jared!

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