No one is really happy with their appearance. Most of them always find a flaw which needs altering, so they resort to plastic surgery. There is always a risk involved in getting a plastic surgery. It might either make them more beautiful by correcting their flaws or break a person when a surgery goes wrong resulting in making the person look even worse than before.

Here we bring to you the list of celebrities where plastic surgery really worked for them.

Kylie Jenner

This reality star has had a tough time to land into the spotlight while breaking the shackles from being in the shadows of her sister Kim Kardashian.She was gorgeous even before she decided to plump up those lips.



She turned into a celebrity overnight for getting her lips done at such a young age. Well, at least her lip kits are selling like hotcakes now.


Kate Hudson

This Daughter of Goldie Hawn had inherited good looks in her genes. However, she was not happy with her curves and decided to go for a breast enhancement.



Thankfully her enhancement is subtle without being too on the face.



Ashlee Simpson

Sister of the famous Jessica Simpson, she was popular in 2000’s for rock punk style. However, she decided to get a nose job done.



Her slimmed down nose has only enhanced her features.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica has not shied away from revealing that she uses lip fillers on a frequent basis.



Apparently plump lips run in the family, like in the case of her daughter Maxwell.



Zooey Deschanel

This Doe Eyed Beauty has always been a head turner. Eventually, she opted for a nose job.


Her subtle nose job has made her even more gorgeous.


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a natural beauty. But down the line of fame, she did get a nose job done.



Her Nose touch up has done wonders for her looks and appeal.


Kelly Bourne

This is a picture from 2003. She looks quite different back then.



Post her plastic surgery and drastic weight loss she looks quite stunning.


Lady Gaga

She looks quite unrecognizable in this picture.


Having her nose slimmed has her looking amazingly gorgeous.