11 Things Your Body Say About You

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When it comes to physical fitness, other than maintaining perfect body weight and have well-nourished food, give attention to the signs and symptoms that your body shows. It tells a lot about your health and even about your personalities.

Body Odour.

A smelly armpit is a huge cause of embarrassment but ever wondered what is the cause behind it?

  • If the sweat smells of acetone, it’s mostly like because of diabetes.
  • If it smells like ammonia, this indicates poor kidney and liver functioning.
  • A hydrogen sulfide smell says about weak gastrointestinal tract.
  • A sweet honey-like smell says about cystitis.
  • You either have deficiencies of Vitamin B and D or problems with respiratory system/thyroid gland if the smell is vinegar like.

Bad Breath

A bad breath is yet another embarrassing matter but reaching for a dentist all the time isn’t the only solution as it may be caused due to kidney problems, otolaryngological infection, lung problems, gum diseases, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.


Even the odor from your urine says a lot about your health.

  • A fishy smell: venereal disease
  • A sour smell: gastritis, dysbacteriosis
  • A smell of ammonia, acetone: infections of the genito-urinary tract, diabetes.


A putrid smell strongly urges for pneumonia or even bronchitis. You should never ignore these symptoms. They say a lot about your health issues.

Continue ahead. More facts to know what your nose says about your personalities.

Greek Nose

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People having such nose are way more practical. They usually avoid getting into the limelight or becoming the center of attraction as these kinds of people have an aversion towards attention. But although being practical, they’ll do anything for their near nad dear ones.

Roman Nose

People possessing such nose have a different thought processing. They think in a way which is not everyone’s cup of tea. They are amongst the risk takers but are true-blue followers of their principles.

Aquiline Nose

People with such set of the nose are a huge fan of keeping well organized. Nothing can stop them in taking challenges and facing any difficulties. But above all, they are sincere.

Straight Nose

Though the nose follows a straight, the characteristics it gives isn’t that straight and simple. These kind of people are short-tempered and temperamental. The emotional side is stronger than the practical side and thus your emotions win over your brain.

 Image result for nose shapes like round , aqualine and names full size


Upturned Nose

People with such nose are like a surprise box, totally unpredictable and are a rebel by heart. They always get what they want. In their case, action speaks louder than words.

Nose With A Small Bump

If you have a friend with such nose, you’re in for a treat as these people will never leave your side when you face any trouble. They have a sensitive heart which makes them a generous and kind-hearted person.

Nubian Nose

Give them any problem or hard phase and they’ll come out of it easy. They can find a solution to any problem. These kinds of people will stretch a helping hand towards anyone in need and are always the optimist.

There are more such unknown facts that your body says about you. Watch the video below.

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