Judge Freaks Out In Court, ‘I Hope You Die In Prison’

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This story is about a 32-year old woman from Jackson, Michigan who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her boyfriend. While she was announced with her punishment, she received some harsh words from the justice which according to some people is not right. So, go through this complete story ahead and decide yourself if those harsh words by the judge were right or not?

A Couple from Jackson, Michigan

Back in 2013, 38-year old Marcel Hill and 32-year old Camia Garmet lived in an apartment in Jackson, Michigan. Hill’s friends and family were very well aware of their toxic relationship, but they have never imagined that it would end up in such a tragedy.

Violent Garmet

Garmet was a foster raised child and claimed to have been assaulted by one of her foster dads which led her in the world of drug addiction and violent streaks. This was the actual reason that built her reputation as dangerous and erratic. On the other hand, Hill was just opposite to Garmet, friendly and amenable.

Hill became a Victim

While living in a shared apartment with Garmet, Hill suffered a number of violent attacks.

One day Garmet stabbed Hill with a knife and while reporting the incident, she stitched up Hill’s wound herself.

Not only this, Hill was even admitted to a hospital when Garmet punctured one of his lungs. Despite her continuous brutal nature of assaulting, she was never arrested and punished.

In 2013, she got charged with domestic violence and felonious assault by a Jackson County prosecutor after she struck Hill on the head with a hammer. Unfortunately, the case was closed because Hill was too afraid of Garmet to press the matter.

On Neighbour’s Report

On May 18th, 2013, one of their neighbors called the police to report a case of domestic violence happening inside the house.

When authorities arrived, they were shocked to see the outside area of the apartment covered in blood. They found disturbed furniture, a bloody filet knife, a frying pan coated in blood and Hill lying dead on the floor.

Authorities believe that Hill was bludgeoned with an array of hard objects. He was stabbed seven times and his torso was cute wide open.

The same night she got arrested and was charged with an open criminal homicide.

Camia Garmet’s Murder Trail

In Feb 2014, the convicted murderer showed no respect and remorse in the courtroom.

During the sentencing, she even laughed and rolled her eyes at the Hill’s family as she is not guilty of taking someone’s life.

Angry Judge

Her disgusting behavior in the court made the justice John McBain angry and he yelled, You’re gonna shut your mouth or I’m going to have some duct tape put on it.”

She was sentenced to life in prison without any possibility of parole. The judge told Garmet, “I agree with the family, I hope you die in prison as well. If this was a death penalty state, you’d be getting the chair.”

Upon hearing this, although few of the crowd present in the courtroom applauded and supported the emotional reaction while others questioned his comments.

So, according to my opinion in the case of such most-heinous and cold-blooded crime, sometimes judges are required to take a firm decision. What is your opinion in this?

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