7 Pieces of Bad Relationship Advice You Should Never Follow

Relationships are not to make you feel better about yourself. They are there to make you feel special about your existence thanks to someone else’s happiness. Do not ruin it by taking these stupid advises…

Check Her Messages because You have complete right to…

NO! You don’t. Interfering in your partner’s personal space isn’t your right. It isn’t anyone’s right. Morally, it just goes on to show how insecure you are about your relationship.

Find Someone Better

In most of the cases, there is no better. It is on you how to make your relationship amazing. If you do not consider your partner the best, the relationship will never work!

Demand The Romance!

Just because you are yet in that honeymoon phase does not mean that your partner should feel the same as well. Instead of demanding romance all the time, work towards attaining some maturity in the relationship.

Be Quiet To Save It

You cannot save your tanking relationship by being quiet. If there’s something that can save the relationship, it is communication. Communicate with each other, do not keep your issues to yourself and burst out later.

Who Earns More?

Just because you earn more than your partner does not mean that you treat them badly. Money shouldn’t be a driving factor in a relationship.

Who’s The Boss?

There is no boss in a relationship. Both the partners have certain areas in which they have to lead.

Learn From Me

Never ask your partner to learn from you. If anything, it’ll just ruin your relationship. Both of you will have to learn things together. It isn’t just a one way process.

A Little Something

Here’s a little something for you’ll. Learn!


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