Couple converts bus into a home. They’re efficient use of space is sure to impress you

Have you ever heard the concept of “Skoolies” or “Mobile Homes”? Well, these are well-furnished homes on wheels by transforming retired school buses. Perfectly suitable for one who loves to travel around the world. Even if you compare these financially, then you will find them much cheaper as compared to any other furnished apartment.


A Retired bus

There is a general perception that buying a bus would be a great deal to crack financially. Just make a vague guess as to what would be the cost of this retired bus.

One of the couples in South America bought this retired bus for $9000 only and transformed the same into their supper classy home on wheels. Scroll down and don’t be amazed to see their level of creativity in this transformation.

The Kitchen

As per their ideology, running water, electricity and propane are the prior necessary requirements of every home. So, these are the first things that they arranged for their sweet home. They also build a small kitchen equipped with everything i.e stove, sink, refrigerator etc.

The Interior

These interiors can be furnished at a much cheaper rate than this couple invested. But as per this couple, it was important that it felt like home, so it had to be perfect. Stylish furniture with a sense of sophistication is adding luxurious feel in this home.

The Raw Material

Just have a look at the raw bus that this couple bought at this cheaper rate. And by their creativity and a sense of making an optimum utilization of each and every corner, they have been able to transform this dump bus into a lavishing home on wheels.

A final product- Mobile Home

And here is a final product, A “Skoolie” or “Mobile Home”.  This couple is currently driving their loft-on-wheels from one corner of the world to another. They’ve named their adventure as “Expedition Happiness.”


Due to all of their hard work, this couple was able to transform this bus within 3-4 months at the cost of $60,000 to $70,000. They knew they had to move out of their current residence and has a thought that rather than going to any another apartment, why not to try something completely different, a school bus. Really a great idea!!

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