12 Worst Moms Ever

Loving! Caring! Affectionate! Responsible! There are the few common qualities that every mom has, isn’t it? But, being in this strange world we deeply believe that exceptions are always there. Likewise, we too are surrounded by few moms who have left us questioning their abilities.

I am not saying anything like a mom is bad or something that she is not supposed to do, but some of their odd habits have really made them answerable. Let’s take a look at these 12 moms who are definitely questionable for what they came in the picture:

Tattoo Obsessive Mom

OMG! Playing with your kids is okay, but drawing a tattoo on them is completely wrong, inhuman and disgusting. I am completely shocked by the absurd behavior of this cutie pie’s mom.

Indecent Shot

This mom should have cross-checked her dressing sense once before getting this picture shot clicked with two adult kids!

Ouch Moment

You should be very careful while having fun and gala time with your beloved kids because you never know what activity can hurt your child.

Selfish Mom

This mom is so desperate to play with the toys at this age that her lovely kid had to wait long for his turn.

Quite Disturbing

To make your kid look like you is okay, but how could a mom think of creating the same tattoo on her daughter’s arm. I hope the small girl is having a fake tattoo on her arm!

Negligent Mom

This seems like the mom couldn’t find any public toilet to change her baby’s diaper and she had made her baby lying on the floor of the departmental store.

Playful Mom

Scaring your child might be a fun-filled moment, but what landed on you after that activity is a thing of concern about.

So Careless Mom

I don’t think a mom has enough time to take a selfie while their kid is having a bath.

Are you bothered carrying your baby?

See this mom who left her child having a nap  in the basket while she is having fun in the shopping mall! This is truly disgusting.

An illegal act

Carrying your baby without a car seat is highly illegal, but look at this confident mom who is not at all worried about the laws.

Roles reversed

This picture is a perfect example of disgusting behavior that a mom showed towards the kid by sitting in the stroller. Also, look at the innocent face of the baby.

Social Media Freaked Mom

Just after delivering, this mom is so desperate to announce about the arrival of the baby that she can’t be bothered to hold her newborn.

I hope you are not like any of the mum’s portrayed in the above pictures!


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