Jimmy Fallon Fans Devastated, After Heartbreaking News Puts ‘Tonight Show’ On Hold

Watching television is generally a common habit that everyone indulges in. People like to relax in their leisure time by watching their favorite television show along with their loved ones. What if the upcoming episode of your favorite television show has not been telecasted with no prior information? Obviously, you will be disheartened as you were waiting for that episode since long and you cannot do anything about this.

The tonight show

This is an American late-night talk show aired on NBC every weeknight. Starred and hosting by a famous actor as well as comedian “Jimmy Fallon”. This show has a high TRP with huge fan following. However, the telecast of this show has been cancelled abruptly by the host on Friday and the following week, with no prior notice. The viewers from all over America got despondent and started figuring out the reason behind this action.

Jimmy’s Mom dismissed

This is one of the heartbreaking news for Jimmy that his mother “Gloria Fallon” has gone to her final rest.  He was very much attached to his mother and could not imagine his life without her. It was really very tough for him to say goodbye to his beloved mom.

Telecast Cancelation

With this awful news, Jimmy was not able to recollect himself for this show telecast and hence decided to cancel the same suddenly on Friday and the following week. Since his first telecast, his mother was his biggest fan as well as strength. By canceling his taping, Jimmy wanted to be beside his mother during her last breath. He is also taking a rest for a week to be with his broken family.

Mrs. Gloria Fallon

Though Gloria was not often an audience of Jimmy’s show, he used to talk a lot about her in his show with love and affection. So she was also very popular amongst his fans.

An amazing person she was.

A comic actor “Danny DeVito” also told many stories about her on air. He always mentions her many incidences on his sets in his talks. Tom Hank’s son Colin is also one of the great fans of Gloria and her inspiring personality.

Jimmy is a great comedian because he is a replica of his great mother. He is known for his outstanding performance in his shows. His great fans also understand and pray for Jimmy’s great loss. May the pure soul rest in peace and Jimmy could recover from this difficult time.

Watch the first monologue where Jimmy’s parents are in the audience below:

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