This $1.7 million motorhome with its own garage may look like an ordinary bus from outside, but only until you step inside

Amongst all the other houses I have seen so far, this one has amazed me the most. Just have a look at this beauty and get ready to fall in love with it.


For people who cannot travel without their luxuries all done, this amazing beast is for them. Volkner Mobile’s praised Performance series of RVs launched its most recent model, Performance S, which too holds an amazing luxurious apartment in it. It has been designed in a manner that will leave you awestruck and amazed and you will want not to leave, I swear. Let’s know more about it.


This high class amazing 5 star hotel on wheels is a dream. It has a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a heated bathroom, a spacious lounge area and above all, a garage with an electro hydraulic lift, and it suits everything from a Ferrari to a Mercedes. Please someone gift me this.


So, travelling is important but your bed is bae, then hey, why not get this beast and have all your comforts inside it. Just have  a look at its double bed, amazingly designed cozy bedroom. What do you think about it?


I would not mind having a dinner date here. This amazing yellow plush sofas and a table is great for all your dines and even reading a book or just getting lost in thoughts. Impressive, isn’t it?


Okay! So it has surprisingly got a fully equipped kitchen too to hold all your kitchen essentials. I know it is still not mine but you better keep it clean, “Monica Clean”!


For a warm and amazing bath, you have a heated bathroom here in it. Woah! Just look at it. I am going to bathe here for like forever.


So, if nothing impressed you, then look at the garage with an electrohydraulic lift, and it suits everything from a Ferrari to a Mercedes. Woah! If you still are not impressed, get your senses checked. This beast costs $1.7 million and it is for anyone who loves both travelling and comfort. Anyone buying it, I’m going to date you!


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