China Opens World’s Coolest Library With 1.2 Million Books, And Its Interior Will Take Your Breath Away

China is a highly advances technological country that has always taken initiatives to come up with new innovations. This time China has come up with a five-story library. It is one of the most beautiful and modern libraries one can ever imagine in this world.

A Big Library

This big library is located in Binhai Cultural District in Tianjin, China and is named as “The Eye of Binhai”. It is structured in around 34,000 square meters and has a collection of around 1.2 million books.

Marvelous Architecture

Everyone wants to read their book in the serene environment and maintain their own privacy. Yet, this library makes an exception and encourages the reader to visit by its alluring architecture. It has a giant spherical auditorium in the middle that looks just like a giant eye.

Amazing Engineering Aspects

Within the time span of only three years, this library is brilliantly designed in most efficient and organized manner. It includes a reading area on the ground floor, relaxing zone in the center floor and workplaces, meeting spaces, and PC/audio rooms on the top floor.

The Interior

The library is usually considered to be dusty with a bit of design appeal. This five-story building has been deliberately designed to look like a human eye. Brilliantly designed, the terraced shelves create both stairs as well as the seating areas, Also, Hidden behind the books are a variety of reading rooms, offices, and lounges set along the interior walls. The staggered bookshelves create a multi-layered interior which adds both light and shade to the design.

The Exterior

Beautifully designed, the building of this library looks like forming the ‘pupil’ of the eyeball from distance. One must be amazed to look at the outer view of this building and really cannot assume this huge building to be a library.

Watch the video of this amazing library below

In this technologically advanced world where the internet has a major impact on how people find and access information, and now the rising popularity of e-books is helping transform reading habits of people all around the world. We need to organize the management of libraries and make new libraries all around the world.

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