If You Thought The Bugatti Veyron Was Fast Check Out The New Koenigsegg Agera RS

So, fast car lovers here is a news for you. The very loved and famous mega car inventors have made history by making the Koenigsegg Agera RS the fastest production car, defeating Bugatti Veyron. We all know that it was just last month when Buggati Chiron too suffered defeat at its hand. Droom droom!


Agera is a Swedish car company whose mega car Koenigsegg Agera is putting the dream car of many, Bugatti Veyron to shame by amazingly setting a new record of becoming the fastest production car, defeating Buggati Veyron. You heard that right.


So, it was just last month when Koenigsegg Agera broke Buggati Chiron’s 41.9-second world record for going from 0-400-0kmph. And this month, they have broken Buggati Veyron’s record of being the fastest car by attaining a top speed of 447kmph on a nearly 18km long stretch! And apart from the Buggati’s being defeated both the times, one more thing is common and that is the one who drove and tested it, that is, Niklas Lilja, the Agera’s trusted factory driver.


With the last month records, Buggati lovers had argued that that the 0-400-0kmph record broken earlier last month could have been through assistance from different terrain conditions or even driver maneuverability, even though everyone knew that the track was full of potholes and the driver was no trained sportsperson but a factory driver. But now, when the Keonigsegg Agera ran like a beast on Nevada highway and made its record of being the fastest car, haters have their mouths shut. Haters gonna hate!


So with its pure amazing engineering, Keonigsegg Agera has emerged the fastest production car as a boss! For people who are not known about its amazing specs, let us tell you about it.

ENGINE: 5 Litre V8 Twin Turbo
POWER: 1160hp
0-400-0:36.44 seconds
0-100kmph: 2.8 seconds
SPEED: Oh you know that! Fastest production car like a boss!

This beast is just breaking records like a boss! So with such amazing achievements, Agera is making its way to the headlines daily. We are waiting for your next amazing achievements.

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