Japan Is All Set To Launch Its New Invisible Ghost Trains In 2018

Japanese are known as masters in inventing the advanced technological high-speed trains in this world. It is one of the countries that has invented the concept of “Bullet Trains” two years back and have been running the same with success across the country at the speed of 580Km/hr.

Invisible Ghost Trains

It would be no surprise to hear that Japanese are working on inventing an invisible train this time. The concept is to build such a train that can blend with the surroundings at its high speed and appears to be invisible like a Ghost. You can feel its existence, however, cannot be sure whether you have seen it or not, hence they have named this train “Ghost Train”.

An Award Winning Architect

The task of designing this invisible train has been assigned to one of the award-winning architect- “Kazuyo Sejima”. She is known for designing such ingenious building with the exception that her buildings are semi-reflective and appears to be transparent giving an illusion of invisibility. This is the only reason that she is being assigned this task of designing an invisible train, despite the fact that she is an architect and not an engineer.

The Exterior

Kazuyo Sejima is being assigned this task by Seibu Group who are famous for their high-speed trains on their 100th Anniversary.  She is being asked to use a semi-reflective or transparent material so that the train can appear to be nearly invisible by getting blended in the surroundings via reflective mirrors.

The Interior

Apart from the marvelous and unique exterior, the interior of this train has also been designed exclusively. The main idea is to give a feel of the living room to its passengers with a complete comfort zone. Just imagine that you are traveling in an invisible train and are relaxing in living hall. That would be a wonderful feeling.

Video Watch

Watch the video of this amazing train in the video below

This unique invisible train is scheduled to be on tracks by 2018 most probably. It has been decided that this train will be running on the very limited routes initially. Its appearance will be bullet shaped. We are really proud of great Japanese to facilitating us with such facilities and luxuries.


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