This $850 Gadget Can Fold Your Laundry All Day

In this revolutionary world, we have robotic machines in almost every field. A human being is becoming dependent on machine completely and no one wants to put any efforts in completing any task. Take an example of washing clothes, it is considered to be the most tedious task in the list of household works. With the help of fully automatic washing machines, this tedious task will be done by pressing only a few electronic buttons.

A new invention, named “FoldiMate” is here for making even the post laundry task easier for everyone.


Once you have washed your dirty clothes, another tedious task is folding and ironing them. FoldiMate is a machine that has been designed especially for those who find the post laundry task a difficult one. You can solve this problem with an ease at the expense of just $700-$850 now. This machine will fold as well as iron all your washed clothes in just a few minutes. It is very much user-friendly just like its name and even can be easily operated by children also.


FoldiMate consists of a conveyer belt, clothes folding robotic arms and a modifiable tray for spitting out the folded clothes. It is 32-inch tall and 28-inch wide and can be easily fitted into an average sized laundry room with an ease, having a weight of only 65 pounds.

It can fold anything from shirts or sweaters to jeans or sweatpants. However, it is incapable of handling too smaller items like undergarments. This machine is claimed to be operational for many different processes – fold, perfume, soften, sanitize and de-wrinkle.

The Process

You just need to hang the washed clothes on the rack outside of the machine and then by pressing available buttons and indicating the type of cloth. The machine will automatically sense the type of fabric and clothing and will operate accordingly.

Awesome Invention

FoldiMate can fold 15 – 20 pieces in one instance, depending upon the type of clothes and fabric. However, it should be noted here that, it is just folding machine and not at all a replacement of washing machine.

The Video

Watch out the video below:


This is one of the unique machines to perform the highly complex task at complete ease. Post laundry task will be done in just a few minutes. It not only saves the physical efforts but also saves a lot of time.

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