World’s First Trackless Train Launched In China

We always hear about the different inventions happening around the world.  The Japanese are considered to be the leaders in inventing the high tech trains especially after the innovation of “Bullet Train” two years back. However, China is none less than any other country.  In Oct 2017, China has come up with the new concept of trackless trains. The technology is named as “Autonomous Rail Transit” (ART), this concept of a smart train was first introduced in 2013 and finally, it has reached into testing phrase this year.

The Trackless Train

Big thanks to China rail corporation that the first trackless train has been developed. It is being tested in this year and will be functioning in 2018 in the city of Zhuzhou in China to manage the traffic in an efficient manner.

The Exterior

The copyright for the design of this train lies with China Rail Corporation. The train is embellished with the rubber wheels instead of steel wheels along with a plastic core in order to eliminate the need for railways tracks completely.

The Technology

Running the trains without railway tracks is really a great idea. Sensors have been installed in these trains to judge the distances and move accordingly. This train uses dotted lines printed on the roads to keep a track of roadmap and directions.

The Utility

This trackless train has a length of 31.64 meters having 3 carriages. The total capacity of this train is 300 passengers at one time. These are electric trains and with the charging of only 10 minutes, it can run for 25 Km. The expected lifespan of this train is 25 years.  Due to its short length, it is easy to take the turns and thanks to the twin head system that this train can move in both the directions, hence the need of U-turns has been completely eliminated.

The Video

This train of transport will prove to be much cheaper than any other one, due to its electric support. As per the analysis, ART is being near about one-fifth the investment.

See the level of advancement that our world is leading to. Big thanks to countries like Japan and China for facilitating the traffic management system with such high-speed trains.

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