Roommates Purchased This Couch For $20, But Were Stunned To Find This Inside

What would you do if you buy a couch only to find something inside it? No idea, right! Before you think its something bad that they’ve found, let me tell you it isn’t it! So, what happened was these three roommates thought of refurbishing their apartment, but since they were on a budget, they decided to buy an old couch for $20. Soon enough, the couch seemed lumpy so they decided to investigate.

One night when the curiosity took over, Reese Werkhoven, one of the roommates decided to open the zipper to check out what’s inside it! When he opened it, he found an envelope inside it. When he checked what’s inside the envelope, he was stunned!

The envelope contained $4000 and it was only the first one that they had discovered! They searched the entire couch to find numerous envelopes with a huge sum of money. The total money that they discovered in the couch was over $40,000! Amongst these envelopes was also a deposit slip with woman’s name on it.

The next thing they did was to track down the woman and return the money to her. The 90-yr-old woman was filled with gratitude for these college kids! She had tears in her eyes when they handed over her money to her.

It was really one good thing that these kids did! Restored my faith in humanity. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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