Must Read Warning Signs of Stroke

I urge everyone to read this post carefully as it might help you in saving someone’s while! This 3-min read can really help you help someone, so please read it until the end!

The neurologists believed that stroke has now a new indicator, tongue! So, this happened once on a sunny afternoon when a woman fell on the ground. People got her up and she said she tripped over the brick because of the new shoes. While she was a little shaken up by the incident, nevertheless, she enjoyed all through the evening and went back home.

Later, it was told by her husband that Jane was taken to the nearest hospital, and at around 6 she passed away due to a stroke she suffered in the afternoon. Had people known this sign of stroke, they could have helped the woman and she would have been alive. But most of us don’t know about this lately discovered the sign of stroke!

Remember these three rules to identify stroke “STR”!

S stands for smile, ask the person to smile

T stands for talk, ask the person to talk and speak a simple sentence, for eg, this chicken soup is extremely tasty.

R stands for raising the hands, ask the person to raise both their hands up in the air!

If the person has difficulty in any of these three, call emergency immediately and describe their symptoms to the experts. Apart from these, there is yet another important sign of stroke, the tongue!

Ask the person to ‘stick’ out their tongue. If the tongue is ‘crooked’ i.e, if it goes to one side or the other that is also an indication of a stroke. And this is one of the most important signs of a stroke! So, if you think someone’s having one, call emergency as soon as possible to save their life!

Share it with as many people as you know so that together we can save someone’s life. I have done my part, will you?

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