Seemingly Overweight Dancer Blows Audience Away With Epic Swing Routine.

Age and weight don’t decide who can dance and who cannot! This lovely performance by John Lindo proved it yet again! Needless to say, that being tall and big, he is not how a stereotypical dancer looks like, but his epic swing routine blew away the audience TOTALLY!

He began his dancing career in 1992 with country-western style, but soon enough Lindo made his mark on the West Coast Swing circuit by capturing wins at a bunch of championships.

Adding numerous feathers to his cap, during his career in competitive dancing, he’s won first place at the U.S. Open, Grand Nationals, and has been the Phoenix Champion of Champions.

But these trophies are worthless if you haven’t seen him dancing. Hence, here’s a video of his epic performance that you’re totally going to enjoy! And don’t forget to leave your views on how much you loved him in the comments section below!

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