This Man Asked A Simple Question Online That Shut Down The Whole Anti-Abortion Argument

This anti-abortion debate has been going on for a while where the most fierce argument of the anti-abortion squad is that the life begins at conception, hence, aborting means killing the baby. However, the supporters of abortion believe otherwise. The right to do whatever they want to do with their body should be with the person. Putting this whole fiasco on rest was a question posed by a celebrated author, Patrick S. Tomlinson.

Meet Patrick S. Tomlinson, author of The Ark Trilogy who explained what this is all about in a series of nine tweets!

Wondering what he asked? Scroll over and view the question that he asked in 9 tweets and let us know your views on it in the comments below!

Some people obviously were against this argument and posted a rebuttal, Patrick answered them quite well. Want to read what they said? Scroll over!

There were others as well who supported his argument.

So, what do you think about it? Do let us in the comments below!

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