Bride Sees Her Husband’s Ex At Her Wedding, Halts Everything And Tells Her To Stand

A family is the best gift that one could ever get, which sometimes not only consists of the biological relations. It comprises of a group of people who have agreed upon to love each other in a common interest. Marriage plays a vital role in making up a family. Marrying someone not only means committing to your partner but also you take a pledge to love and fulfill all the requirements of his/her family members.

Here is a beautiful story of Katie and Jeremy portraying the real meaning of family once you get married to someone.

The Background

Jeremy and Casey are a married couple with their beloved son named “Landon”. However, things didn’t work out as planned and they finally broke up with each other. But both of them really loved their son and didn’t want to run away from the responsibility of parenting, so decided to still be a family.

After sometime Casey fell in love with Tyler and Jeremy fell in love with Katie and all four of them decided to raise Landon as a family.

True Love

Once Katie said yes to Jeremy’s proposal for marriage, she already knew that it is not going to be easy for her to take care of Landon as a mother. But she happily took this responsibility and accepted not only Landon but also Casey (Landon’s mother) and Tylor (stepfather) in terms of co-parenting.

The D Day

On the day of the wedding, Katie decided to add to her vows some heartiest words. She first raised her cheers to Jeremy and then none other than Casey and Tylor and promised them to be transparent in terms of the upbringing of their beloved son “Landon”. Co-parenting is not a casual thing to take upon, However, all four of them agreed to this in the common interest of Landon’s upbringing.

Katie and Landon

Once completing her vows to everyone, now it was Landon’s turn. Katie bent upon her knees to be at his level and promised him to be his best friend in every up and down of life. She considered him to be his charm to lead her life from now onwards.

Wishes From Guests

Once Katie completed her Vows to everyone with all her emotions and love, the entire guest who were present on this auspicious occasion filled their eyes with tears and blessed the complete family with best and warm wishes.

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