Woman Goes Off On Hilarious Rant After “Hot” Cop Pulls Her Over.

Police officers play a vital role in the safety hazards of their citizens. They deal with numerous issues every day for the betterment of their nation. However, none of us gives them enough credit or appreciation that they deserve. We should really thank all the cops out there for sacrificing their lives so that we can sleep in our homes in a peaceful manner.

Here is a small incident wherein a lady actually take out some time from her schedule and appreciated the cop by whom she was being pulled over by on the road.

Jennifer’s Reaction

Jennifer Jermany is a famous comedian who was being pulled over by a cop recently. Despite being irritated with few of his questions, she decided to get out of her car and thanked him for his duty.


He was so respectful with a nice and gentle gesture. He just came to her and communicated what he needed. On top of everything she was quite impressed with his personality and looks. And she also complimented him that he has capabilities to bring peace in the Middle East.

Words of Gratitude

She showered her gratitude towards him and said that he is the hottest cop that she has met ever. She apparently contacted his wife and congratulated her on this catch.

The lady even suggested that if police department starts to hire such handsome and hot looking cops than the level of violence happening in the city is sure to be reduced by itself.

Cop’s Reaction

He was highly delighted with women’s reaction and appreciated the women for all her gestures. The women’s unorthodox manner of thanking the cop would have surely made his day.

The cop said, “Well I appreciate that. It was very nice meeting you.”

Watch Yourself

We somehow managed to pull out the video of this hilarious exchange between the lady and the cop. Watch it and share your thoughts in the comments.

We really appreciate Jennifer’s thinking and behavior towards this cop and should really thank all the cops by taking a minute from our busy schedule for being so nice and sacrificing their lives for the safety of our nation.


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