At Age 15, Her Nose Started To Grow Uncontrollably, And This Is What She Looks Like Today

Adolescence is a difficult time. You face changes that either get alright with time or stay with us, haunting us and spoiling our look. Well! Something similar happened with Pamela Ichard from Louisiana as her nose started growing uncontrollably and become her nightmare. Let’s see what happened next.


Hailing from Louisiana, Pamela started noticing that her nose had started growing uncontrollably in her teen days. She had actually fallen prey to an advanced form of rosacea. Growing older, she noticed that her skin’s quality had begun to degrade and heavy acne had started to appear. Her nose was becoming a nightmare for here. “Puberty set in, acne set in — it got to be really bad. The bumps became purple and red, sometimes tissue would come out of it,” she explained in an appearance on the television show The Doctors.


As she gave birth to her second child, the shape of her nose began to change and started to swell. She thought it would never end. It was after 30 years later that the show “The Doctors” gave her a ray of hope.


Pamela had actually been going through an advanced form of rosacea known as rhinophyma. Its cause has yet not been discovered but it commonly develops after rosacea begins on the face between the ages of 25 and 50. “The doctor would prescribe me different types of medicine, but nothing worked,” she explained.


Rhinophyma had an enormous effect on her life as she could not live with confidence, and could not leave her house. “There’s gotta be a cure for this, there’s just gotta be. I just wanted to look normal,” she desperately explained on the show. Appearing in the show in 2016, she explained her problem and was offered a free surgery by Dr. Ann Zedlitz to cure her nose.


With both laser and surgical treatment, Pamela underwent the procedure and looked at herself in the mirror. Within three months of her surgery, Pamela’s nose got treated. Now, Pamela no longer hides behind her hair and is confident as ever. We are happy for you Pamela.

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