Home Alone Stars 25 Years Later

Who remembers having an amazing time with butter popcorn and the very amazing movie “Home Alone. Don’t you want to know how do the stars of this movie look like after 25 years? Well! Have a look then. Feel old and nostalgic like I did.


Macaulay played the role Kevin in the movie. We hav.ad heard that this child star had drug issues while growing up and was all thin and weak. But the star looks all dashing and tight.


Remember the character of Harry Lime in the movie? Joe Pesci’s ultimate acting made the character win like a million hearts. He is known till today for playing strong volatile characters. Harry Lime was the best character for sure.


Yeah! That guy who played the role of partner burglar, Marvin Merchants in the movie. He has done amazing works after that too as he is a screenwriter as well. He did wonders to the movie.


Catherine played the role of Kate, Kevin’s mother who is seen worried most of the times as her son is left Home Alone. She is doing great as a comedian now. She did an amazing work in the movie.


John Heard had played Peter’s role who was Kevin’s father. He died on 21st July, 2017 because of sudden cardiac arrest. His body was found in the hotel.


Devin Ratray played the role of annoying elder brother of Kevin in the movie. He looks unrecognizable now, all chubby. Look at him 25 years later. You’d fail to recognize this annoying Buzz character.


Hillary had played Megan’s role, that is Kevin’s elder sister who not mean to him like Buzz buzzy bee. She is a judoka as well as has played amazing roles like that in “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. She is a bombshell for sure.


Mike played the role of Jeff, a protective yet tormenting brother of Kevin. Mike is best known for his role as “Big Pete” on the TV show The Adventures of Pete & Pete.


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