10 Celebrities Who Have Let Themselves Go

Celebrities look dashing on the big screen. However, it is really difficult to maintain that personality and we really should not neglect the hard work that these celebrities undergo in order to give the stunning appearance on the screen. The celebrities also feel like a common man and like to enjoy their life instead of dieting and working out all the time.

Below is the list of 10 Hollywood celebrities who have decided to enjoy their life instead of running towards their appearance on big screen and are happy with them the way they look.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

After being a mother of two, she gained around 20 pounds. This not at all upset her, however, she feels much happier and feminine now and is not willing to go for any dieting in order to be back in shape.

Eva Longoria

After being married for the third time in 2016, she was on the seventh heaven and enjoyed in such a manner during her honeymoon that she forgets everything about maintaining herself and hence gained a lot of weight. However, it is never a matter of concern for her or her husband.

Kelly Clarkson

This singer was having a healthy personality throughout, however, she has been doing workouts and dieting for maintaining herself. Now she is a mother of 2 and has put on a bit more. She now thinks that it is necessary to have a confident personality rather than running behind stunning looks.

Russell Crowe

He is one of the actors who works out according to his role on screen. He has gained 50 lbs for one of his movies and now he does not seem to be bothered about reducing himself. Even he has been seen enjoying his chubby personality.

Tyra Banks

She was one of the top models. Now she has gained 18 pounds more and running her own business along with upbringing her only son. And she is pretty happy.

Kelly Osbourne

She was never a slim personality and was used to run behind heavy dieting and workout, She even lost 40 lbs. But now she is exhausted from doing all this and has accepted the way she is.

Vin Diesel

It is really not a very tough job for this actor to get back to his shape. So, he does not really bother much about his looks and enjoys his life to the fullest.

Kate Winslet

A perfect figure is a god’s gift to this glamorous lady. She has never bothered about her looks much and spending a lot of her time on dieting and workout is really not her cup of tea.

Jennifer Lawrence

Don’t go upon her thin personality, she is a foodie and loves to eat a variety of food. However, she eats healthy. 5 years before, she was much thinner. And now that she has put a bit of weight, she looks much better.


She has been criticized a lot for her plump face. However, she has always said that she is having a divine face but a little too fatty.

It is not always necessary to run behind the looks and sacrificing all the things that you like and killing yourself every time. Just keep calm and accept yourself the way you are.

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