Astronaut Plays With Fidget Spinners In Space To Test Newtons Law Of Motion And It’s Awesome

Now here’s a news that is gonna make a lot of you extremely happy. Astronaut plays with the fidget spinner in space and this is what happened…

The Spinner

There are certain things that give you immense satisfaction. Playing with a fidget spinner in space is just one of them. Astronaut Randy Bresnik took to Twitter to share footage of his recent experiments with a fidget spinner aboard the International Space Station. We all know what happens with a fidget spinner when used on the ground but how many of us have any idea about it’s doings in space?

The NASA-branded fidget spinner looks like any other you might use here on Earth. But, once they put it in motion, it just keeps going. This sight is incredibly satisfying to one’s dismay. A fidget spinner in space! How long does it spin? I’m not sure, but it’s a great way to experiment with Newton’s laws of motion!” Bresnik posted on Twitter.

 People Online

People online went crazy after watching this video. They don’t really spin forever though. NASA and other space agencies are very conscientious about space debris, as even small objects can pose a threat to the International Space Station and rightly so. It is the matter of safety here.

Checkout the video ahead.

The Video

Here’s the video of the ‘Astronaut Playing With The Fidget Spinners In Space To Test Newtons Law Of Motion’ and trust me, it is awesome.

Hope you like it.

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