Psychologists Explain How to Indicate a Happy Couple by Their Body Language

Body language plays a vital role in depicting one’s mental status. As said, “Face is an Index of your mind”, likewise your body language also tells the complete truth about your personality and hence your relationship status with loved ones. Even a single photograph can tell a lot about the couple being happily married or not.


Here are displayed few postures that help a lot to predict the relationship status in any of the couples. You don’t have to be mastered in psychology in order to understand these psychological fundamentals.


Holding each other’s hand in a firm manner clearly depict strong emotional bonding. If their bodies are turned towards each other with hand in hand posture, then be sure that this couple is happy with each other with love in the air.

Possessive Posture

Lady with her hand on his man’s chest clearly shows her possessive nature towards him. She wants to convey to the whole world that the man belongs to her and he is bound to listen to her in any case.

Mutual Understanding

Women’s body turned towards her man is a clear indication that she wants to be close to him. The man standing upright next to her with a firmly placed hand on her waist ensures that he accept her the way she is and want her to stand next to him throughout life.

Intimated Couple

Standing with confidence and having an intertwined hand depicts that they both know each other since long and feel really comfortable. The one whose hand has been placed on top would always be dominating in such coupes out there.

Holding Her

The man holding women from her forearm is a clear-cut picture of a couple wherein the man takes his possession of the women and hence completely controls her throughout.

Similar Mindset

This is the most common posture wherein lady sitting on man’s lap. It is the direct depiction of a couple that has trust between each other. Relaxed hands along with the inclined hands are a sign of true love and deep intimacy amongst them.

Who’s The Boss?

The man holding his woman confidently and the women also giving a stunning look is a symbol of a happy and beloved couple. It may also represent the newly formed relationship.

Emotionally Intimated

One’s hand on the shoulder and another’s hand on the waist is the direct indication of a couple with an equal union between both of them.

Overprotective Husband

Men placing his hand below the waist of his women are considered to be overprotective in nature. At first sight, it is considered to be a sexually stable couple and then depicts that the husband wants to inform the world that this lady belongs to him.

Eye Contact

Men’s hand placed on his women’s shoulder with complete eye contact shows his care and protection towards her. It is a sign of a well-balanced relationship with complete understanding.


Man standing in front of his women holding her arm beside him is the indication that she depends upon him and feel secure and protected. Man generally dominates in such couples.

We are sure you would be able to make a better judgment about the couples. You don’t even need to be involved in their matters to get an idea about their relationship status.

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