The Top 10 Cute Animals That Can Actually Kill You

Cuteness can be kill sometimes. There are many animals on this planet having cute and cuddly looks. Surely, the majorities of these animals look like they came straight from a Disney movie but don’t ever judge a book by its cover.

Here we have listed few of the cutest animals that also happen to be fully capable of shoving you off the mortal coil.

Leopard Seal

Harm from such a cute creature is even out of imagination. However, there have been many cases where this cute looking seal has attacked many researchers with quite aggressive behavior. And their favorite meal is penguins.


A very famous personality amongst kids is “Panda”. However, these are not only cute by looks but also appear to be very harmful, especially because of its bearish nature. You would better not mess with a panda.


They have the most beautiful and charming outlooks, specifically famous amongst the romantic couples for their true love. But even love harms sometime. They can prove to be very dangerous in terms of self-defense. You are required to be courteous to them and they will be a sign of true love and vice-versa.


Can you believe that an animal without teeth can be harmful in any way? The answer is “yes”, these anteaters use their claws as a weapon in order to defend and can be quite dangerous for human beings.

Tasmanian Devil

Even cartoons can be harmful sometimes. But this works until the moment it bares its fangs. It still looks a bit like a mole. But we shouldn’t make jokes because a Tasmanian devil as it could kill us all.


A baby elephant along with the big ears looks so adorable but then, they again gain comparatively a lot of weight and can prove to be dangerous for people in the villages along with the destroyed homes


The puffer fish is covered with tiny little spines that are capable enough to inject toxins into their victims. It is commonly used as a meal in Japan and the same can be very dangerous if not cooked properly.

Poison Dart Frog

They are covered with poison but are courteous enough to be brightly-colored. Capable enough to kill 10 adults only at one touch,  it’s always better to keep a distance from these frogs.


Dolphins are considered to be very agile as well as intelligent. They can also be giant jerks and kill other animals just for sport. They have been even caught harassing the humans.

Slow Loris

These big-eyed fur-balls actually having poison glad on their elbows, which if ingested will cause severe stomach pain. Most human deaths from the Slow Loris are a result of anaphylactic shock.

Bonus Pic

This cute picture is a bonus addition to the above list.

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