11 Of The Biggest Blunders That Changed The Course Of Modern History

While some of them are intentional others are pure coincidence!

Germany Lost WWI

#11 Germany Lost WWI

Just a few weeks after the war began, a news about a million Cossack warriors rushing to attack the Western Front spread like wildfire. This “Russian rumour” was nothing but a mere misunderstanding on Germany’s part which became of the chief reasons of them losing the war!

The sale of Alaska

#10 The sale of Alaska

About 150 years ago, Russia decided to sell Alaska to the United States. Soon, the two countries signed a treaty to sell the land for a sum of $7.2 million for 1,518,800 square kilometres of land.

However, years after this bargain was made, the Russians realised that it was a gigantic blunder and that they had lost access to natural resources worth billions of dollars.

A key could have saved the Titanic from sinking

#9 A key could have saved the Titanic from sinking

April 15, 1912, is a tragic day to remember in the world history. It is on this day the gorgeous ship, Titanic hit an iceberg. However, things would have been entirely different if the officers onboard had an access to the binoculars.

The biggest wildfire in California

#8 The biggest wildfire in California

The biggest wildfire in California which destroyed over 300,000 acres of forest, destructed 2322 homes and killed more than 14 people was triggered by a hunter who lit a signal match flare. The tragic incident cost a whopping $1.2 billion!

Piper bravo oil rig disaster

#7 Piper bravo oil rig disaster

On 6 July 1988, a grave disaster that happened off the coast of Aberdeen is the world’s deadliest ever oil rig accident that killed 167 workers. It happened because a worker forgot to screw a safety valve on the ship.

Tiger Woods’ divorce settlement in 2010

#6 Tiger Woods' divorce settlement in 2010

When Tiger Woods cheated his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, he had to pay $750 million for a divorce settlement. However, the loss was even higher! The deals that he made with Nike, Gatorade and others were also terminated.

When a man threw away a $181 million lottery ticket

#5 When a man threw away a $181 million lottery ticket

A lucky Brit lady was her happiest self while owning a lottery-winning ticket worth $181 million until her husband threw it away!

Skyscraper that melted cars

#4 Skyscraper that melted cars

A skyscraper in London going by the name Walkie Talkie melted the cars by reflecting sunlight. The building with a concave design and mirrored glass sent 20 focused rays of light onto the street below. The glare ended up melting cars on the street.

$225 million lost because of a misprint

#3 $225 million lost because of a misprint

The Japanese company Mizuho Securities wanted to sell one share for ¥610,000 which is equivalent to about $5000 on Tokyo Stock Exchange. However, a stock breaker who perhaps was in a trance sold 610,000 shares for ¥1. Despite company’s protest, the stock exchange processed the order resulting in a loss of $225 million

When NASA lost a $125 million orbiter in space

#2 When NASA lost a $125 million orbiter in space

NASA lost a $125 million Mars orbiter just because of a minor confusion. It happened so because a Lockheed Martin engineering team used English units of measurement while the agency’s team used the more conventional metric system for a key spacecraft operation.

Nuclear chamber explosion

#1 Nuclear chamber explosion

In the year 1978, a chamber that is filled with water that is used cool Uranium at Three Mile Island exploded in the worst nuclear accident in America. The incident cost $836.9 million.

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